Director Message

Director Message

BILLABONG HIGH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a cosseted Haven for the students. A protected space to grow and develop, to unfold and explore, a foothold to grip and soar high. BILLABONG HIGH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a journey for the promising. A place where the sky’s the limit - especially if you’re a Flag-waver !

How can one forget the oft-quoted lines of William Wordsworth? – Child is the father of Man, which only goes to say that the conduct of a child today will decide what he transforms into when he grows up. What a child learns today, is his knowledge tomorrow. What a child experiences today, is what she practices tomorrow. What a child sees today is her vision tomorrow. What a child hears today, translates into his words tomorrow. And, what a child thinks today, is his destiny tomorrow.

Students at Billabong are encouraged to practice secular and ethical values in an atmosphere where every creed and faith co-exists in harmony. The students are educated in a way that helps them flourish in an environment without inhibition and prejudice in any form.

In this golden age of childhood, children need a protected place which shelters the vulnerable and allows them space and the freedom to transform themselves to their full glory. Children are innocent beings, to be treated with utmost care and responsibility until the time they are strong enough to soar. We the teachers and staff at Billabong International School, are relentlessly striving to help our students become the change that they want to see in the world. We believe that freedom to learn and explore uncharted territories, is the most powerful teacher.

Director (BHIS)

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