Primary School

Brain research states that the ‘wiring’ in a child’s brain is positively affected by nurturing relationships and enriching environments. Our learning environment includes the set-up of various interest areas that encourage independence and autonomy where children learn how to get along with others, express individual thoughts, solve problems, and most importantly develop empathy towards others.

Teachers as Facilitators

The teacher/facilitator plays a vital role in our learning environments. Mentors are constantly trained and empowered to achieve an optimal balance between self – initiated learning and adult guided and supported learning.

Parents as Partners

Parents play an equal role in realising the vision of the school by walking hand-in-hand in the early stage of learning. This offers preschoolers a level of comfort essential for making learning fun-filled and exciting.



Maria Montessori’s principles of using their senses and incorporating materials to facilitate learning.

Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence Theory

Each child has a way of learning and engaging with the world unique to them, which is referred to as intelligence.


Primary School Student Activities

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