Sports and Performing Arts

It has rightly been said that greater lessons are learned on the sports field than in the classrooms. And since Billabong strongly believes in the holistic development of the child and providing him with every opportunity to acquire skills and excel-sports and games find a position of prime importance in the school curriculum.

Sport and opportunities to play are not only consistent with the optimum development of the child but are also a crucial component of quality education. In fact, without sports, the school would be a dull and lifeless place for most children.

Apart from providing the much needed entertainment and relaxation, sports and games help in building stamina, strength, speed, skill and above all the spirit of sportsmanship. Discipline, teamwork, determination, competitiveness, the desire to excel and the ability to cope with failure are unconsciously imbibed on the sports field.


Games and sports receive our special attention as we believe that it is from the school level that grooming should start for national or international sports. We have adequate space for indoor and outdoor games under the charge of skilled sports teachers and coaches. Some of the games being promoted currently are:

The school boasts of two full size basketball courts, which are accessible to the children, both during their regular games period and SPA classes. Extra coaching classes for basketball are held in the school premises on Saturdays without payment of any extra fees.


Over the past years our students have mastered the art of diving and swimming in different styles. Their feet seem to be more accustomed to the touch of water than the feel of gravel. At any given day one would find many of these talented aquatic dancers performing styles breast- strokes, free-style, back flips and underground under the guidance and help of our swimming instructor. The touch of these young ones breathes life into the water molecules and watching them cut through the waves projects the finesse of the entire aquatic species in one go. The swimming pool allows students to let go of the bounds that restrain them and give way to their passion through the electric tranquillity of the deep blue.

The school has an enchanting temperature regulated, overflow swimming pool. Children use the pool during SPA period during the week days & for extra classes on Saturday.


The rollers give the kids the freedom and belief to feel as though the rule the earth and were meant to glide through it. Billabong understands that every person dreams and wishes to have the ability to spur wings and take flight; be it in real time or metaphysically through their achievements. Skating, apart from being a sport, is taught to individuals because of the incomparable joy that it so brings to them. It inculcates the qualities of balance and the spirit of healthy competition. Our young skaters love to experiment on the court and showcase their talent through various stunts.

The skating Ring is situated close to the Basket ball ground and is alive with activity during SPA periods. Under the skilled guidance of Mr. Arun Yadav, many children have won at various state level competitions


Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them. Yoga brings that marvelous inner light that all children have to the surface.

It is claimed that yoga can be an excellent training for children and adolescents, both as a form of physical exercise and for breathing, focus, mindfulness, and stress relief.

Yoga has resurfaced with a bang is given a great importance among all the SPA activities. Mr. Manas trains the students who have ably displayed their skills.


Introduced only 2 years ago, Billabong has given revolutionized the art of gymnastics. Drifting away from the clich of rolling and jumping, Billabong has produced young gymnasts who love conquering the summits of Malkham polls. Malkhamâ„¢, an ancient art form runs in the blood of many of our young gymnasts who have left a mark at state levels.

Teaching the art of balance and mental and physical equilibrium, gymnastics invariably plays a role in building strong individuals. It has newly been introduced and has already attracted so many "trapeze- artists", that the future of this art and exercise seems bright in this institution

The young students of BHIS directed by Mr. Somnath have been performing excellent contortionist activity.


Music classes are also an important part of SPA. The school has provided keyboards & synthesizers to the students who are learning both vocal & instrumental music under the guidance of our music teacher Mr. Mudit

The sound of music has held the energy to float through every soul. Well aware of this quality of music as a form of art, Billabong has always accepted its beauty and importance. Over the years, Billabong has been home to many nightingales. Their captivating voices have mesmerised parents and audiences for quite some time.

Not only the throat, but their magical fingers have also played their tricks. Drums, Congo, guitar, synthesizer, flute and tabla are some of the instruments which, when fused together with these young artists, fill life into the auditorium. The sheer passion and love for music of all these "mini- Mozarts" , is what 'plucks' the strings of our hearts.

Classical Dance:

It is an excellent form of exercise as it includes yoga based stretching, aerobic and high-endurance movement levels. Besides the basic grammar of movement, in pure dance or nritta, the focus is on developing speed, strength and stamina. So you will burn more calories in half and hour than free-style dancing or most recommended exercise/gym plans.

The purest form of dance is taught by Mrs. Parul Verma to our young and dynamic girls during the SPA period thrice a week.

Apart from the wide range of sporting activities, the school offers Physical Education as a subject in CBSE programme.