Children spend 14 years of their life in schooling. It is important that during this time they develop the tools to deal effectively with the opportunities and challenges which they encounter, both now, as young people and in the future, as adults.

To be able to cope with such an environment Children need to be equipped with the necessary skills.

Deeply rooted in the practicality and applicability of learning, KKEL develops and designs an "enriched curriculum" that goes beyond the printed words of text books and the confines of the classroom. The result is analyzing,experimenting,applying,evaluating and challenging the proven facts to create an attitude of inquiry driven by self motivation.

Just as an individual's life does not come in compartments, so must his/her education not be so sharply compartmentalized - it would be so difficult to study history if it was rigidly separated from Philosophy or values, literature, etc.

To bring about this sense of a complete whole and interconnectedness of concepts, across disciplines is one of the most important challenges that KKEL Curriculum strives to overcome.

With a multi dimensional approach, KKEL curriculum follows the scientific learning theories of Multiple Intelligences, Blooms Taxonomy, Brain Research and Interdisciplinary learning whose elements are precisely reflected in the knowledge based as well as skill based activities in every subject across all grades throughout the year.

At the same time, the "enriched curriculum" strongly takes note of the Curriculum Frameworks of the different Boards and the cultural backdrop of the learner.The goals and aims of education being universal remain the same for the varying boards. What is predominantly different is their approach to education and assessments.